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As early as puberty, I experienced submissive sexual dreams that I found deeply arousing. At that age, I regarded such thoughts as ‘abnormal’ and never spoke to anyone about them for many years. It was only when I reached my 30s that I realised how many people harbour fantasies of dominance and submission, and go on to live these out for real – whether in the privacy of their own home, in S&M rental apartments or at a range of erotic events.

My Submissive Side

My initial experiences as a sub were in the private domain, followed by time with a specialist escort agency. Since then, I have discovered my particular passion for erotic events based on Pauline Réage’s 1954 novel, ‘Story of O’. Even the clothing of an O awakens my desires: I am clothed, and yet every man has access to the most intimate regions of my body. I find demonstrations in front of other men and explicit sexual availability particularly arousing. I particular enjoy kneeling in front of my master, my gaze lowered as I serve him and satisfy his desires. As a sign of my submission, I gladly wear my collar as well as leather cuffs to restrain my hands and ankles. This means that if I am disobedient, or should our passions so desire, I can be shackled almost instantly. In terms of discipline, I enjoy being spanked, with such force that the marks remain for days. As well as your spanking with hands, I enjoy whips, paddles and, occasionally, the cane –.though my absolute favourite toy is the riding crop. I love it when nipple clamps adorn my firm breasts and, of course, my collection would not be complete without my vibrators and plugs. Perhaps, though, your dominant aura alone will be enough to captivate me, as your words subtly cast your spell.

You will be forced to admit: it’s not your dominance that you enjoy, but rather MY emotional and physical reactions to the treatment you give me! Is there anything more wonderful than a female body, quivering with desire, all because of YOU?

The Dominant Part of Me

The pleasure I take in dominating men is something I discovered only recently. After many years of submission, I suddenly became attracted to the other side: I wanted to know how it felt to have control, instead of only submitting to it. After testing the waters, I completed professional training with an exceptional dominatrix in her studio. Being able to switch between the roles gives me the major advantage of knowing very well how, for example, the various ‘percussion instruments’ feel against the body, what anal treatment involves and the emotions verbal humiliation can evoke. This means I can be empathetic to your desires and preconceptions, and realise them to their fullest.

I practice soft dominance, and not hardcore S&M! When you surrender yourself to me, I use my hands, a range of toys, words and, if I feel the urge, also my tongue to play with your body and titillate your sexual desires. I will have complete control over your orgasm, and will force you to wait as long as I please, and until you beg me desperately for release. If you become my obedient ‘plaything’, I will even permit you to touch and spoil me from time to time.

I dissociate myself completely from sadism and masochism! Pain should be an additional kick to heighten our desires, but should never escalate into severe, serious pain! Dominance and submission have nothing to do with the use of violence. Quite the contrary: voluntary submission is a valuable gift that the dominant partner must always cherish and handle with care!

My Fetish World

In addition to experience with foot, shoe and nylon fetishes, I have also discovered the allure of wearing latex, PVC and wet-look clothing. I will continue to expand my basic assortment in future, as so many pieces of sexy latex clothing have caught my eye. I am also open to exploring other, new fetishes.

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